Do I have to pay any fees associated with the sale of my home?

No! We take care of the closing costs and there’s no realtor fees since we have cut that out of the equation. What we give you is what you get!

Do I have to make repairs to my house based on an inspection?

No. As we mentioned before, we buy the home AS-IS and you are not required to make any repairs to the home ahead of closing.

How much money will I lose by selling to you?

It’s best practice here to remember that a home in distress will normally not sale at all using conventional methods. For example, if a home needs a new roof installed upon inspection, there’s no way the home will sale AT ALL until the new roof is purchased. On average, most homes we deal with need 15,000 to 40,000 in repairs just to sale the home. Then factor in the realtor fees and closing costs and you can start to realize where our offer is a solid choice.

How long does it take to close if I accept the offer?

In most cases, we can offer, close and provide you with cash in hand within 7 days! You,  the property owner, may also choose a closing date if you wish.  There are situations where we have closed out properties in 72 hours or less!

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We strive to make our sellers happy we believe in being 100% fair and honest. we feel if you don’t WIN NOBODY WINS that’s important to us.
Taylor Braswell

Taylor Braswell


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